RB211 Gas Turbine engine

RWGs RB211 division delivers repair and overhaul services to support the full range of Industrial RB211 gas generators, including the latest -24 GT DLE models.

Our highly trained specialists use state of the art equipment to dismantle and inspect each component. These parts are then repaired, using advanced technology at the companys component repair facility.

For more than twenty years, RWG has successfully provided repair and overhaul services for RB211 engines world-wide. We apply new techniques and technologies to deliver in-house repair, overhaul and field service, and our experience enables us to provide trouble shooting support to all operators.

delivers a market leading repair and overhaul service to enhance the performance and durability of your turbomachinery.


RWG has established a world class facility to support the RB211 gas turbine repair and overhaul market. Totally dedicated to supporting RB211 engines, our 46,000 square foot facility gives us the capability to service 120 engines per year ranging from the earliest engine models through to the latest generation -24GT DLE variant.


To date, over 900 RB211 engines have passed through RWGs facilities, providing the fleet worldwide with over 35,000,000 hours of power. Having overhauled engines from Alaska to Australia, RWG has retained and grown the experience and expertise necessary to overcome any type of application, duty or environmental challenge.


RWG has recognised the need to reduce the time taken to provide both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements. To this end a major initiative on turn times has provided a reduction from 84 to 56 calendar days for major overhaul requirements. This is particularly beneficial to operators faced with the associated expense of leasing equipment as interim support.

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The RB211 Engine

The industrial RB211 was developed by Rolls-Royce from the very successful aero RB211 engine. It was designed to have a modular construction to allow maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

RB211 engine

The Dry Low Emissions or DLE RB211 features an award winning combustion system which provides 30 megawatts of power while simultaneously meeting strict environmental legislation. The Dry Low Emissions system has consistently demonstated its ability to reduce NOx and CO emissions below 25vppm while sustaining excellent performance over a wide operating range.

With over 50 customers in 20 countries, more than 550 gas turbine systems sold, and over 35 million hours of operation the industrial RB211 is the most experienced industrial aero derivative in its class.

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